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Starting a blog again

October 08, 2019

Writing pad and pens

I have always wanted to start a blog. It's common knowledge to focus on content and not on the appearance. When you are a developer, you get lost in building the blog rather than actually writing articles. This is not my first foray into setting up a blog for myself. Now would be a good time to pay homage to my previous blogging efforts.

It all started with Github pages and Jekyll. Free static hosting from Github (which was sort of new at that time) and a statically generated site, all the bells and whistles. I was dipping my toes into Ruby on Rails then and had a lot of fun exploring Ruby & Jekyll. I fell into the rabbit hole of trying out different Jekyll themes. I remember using a few themes made by @mdo. Despite spending a lot on time on building the blog , I failed to write any blog posts. I guess I learned a lot about SEO, Open Graph tags and sitemaps at the end of this adventure.

Since my blog was mostly whitespace 😄, I switched back to a single page website for a while. I started exploring static site generators again after a long break. I decided to try out the new kid on the block, Hugo. Hugo promised to be much faster than Jekyll and had widespread adoption. Hugo turned out to be really fast , but the docs were still a work in progress. Hugo templating was another factor, which made working with Hugo a bit difficult. My lack of proficiency in the Go programming language did not help either. Since then I have learned a lot more about Go but back to square one again.

The third and current iteration (When does this end?) of my blog is built using Gatsby and MDX. I am still exploring what Gatsby has to offer but the development experience has been pretty solid so far. Maybe this time around I should spend time on writing articles rather than working on the look and feel of the blog.